Monday, February 24, 2014

Pupupie at Intramuros Manila - Bay leaf hotel

I asked mami and dadi if we can go out for a field trip and they said yes :) they took us to Intramuros Manila..

before taking a tour, we had our lunch at Chowking. :)

 in the spirit of  Chinese new year; we got a fortune cookie :)

but, we didnt win >_< we'll try our luck next time :)

1st stop, the San  Agustin church . The first religious structure built in central Luzon thus the oldest stone church in the Philippines  and  is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

this is the first time i've ever seen a door this big!!! with a beautiful bride to boot

taken near Barbara Restaurant


the first gate of Intramuros. There you can follow the foot steps that  Jose Rizal took while he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago :)

panoramic view of  Rajah Sulayman  Theater

guess where we are in the photo :) hehehe  (feeling where's Waldo :P )

the  Main Gate of Fort SAntiago 

there's a mini muesum of Rizal's Belongings :)

 Noli Me Tangere Novel of Rizal :)

El Flibusterismo,  the sequel of Noli Me Tangere,  Dadi  and Mami thought us about Crisostomo Ibarra, Basiilio and Sisa :)

:( very sad 

I'm the cutest Guard of them all :)

Calesa Riding Photo ops 

after our tiring but educational field trip, we headed straight to Bay Leaf Hotel for our dinner

Shameless photo / Grab the opportunity photo ops of Mami and Dadi in the elavator

A Lovely couple (Foreigners) took Mami and Dadi's photo

and then we returned the favor by taking their pictures as well :) (ang bait po nila :) )

our seats offer a magnificent view of manila bay sunset :) 

Golden Sunset :)

selfie pic with  mami while waiting for our Crispy Bagnet
Bluberry slush amazingly refreshing! A must try once you're here:)

Dadi already stuffed with these yummy foods :) we also ordered Crispy bagnet ooohh so yummy :)

huggggg :)

 dadi's surprise for mami :)  that's why Mami loves Dadi Sooo much, He always surprise mami :)

Churros from Ciocolata churros cafe as the name stated, scpeciallized in churros :)  churros are very crisp and yummy served with choco dip :) 

Dadi was very thankful with the bayleaf staff, as they also gave us a free banana cake :)

 sorry mami isa nalang po churros mo :) 

he's good playing piano :)

since the banana cake of Cioccolata really tastes great, we bought some as pasalubong for my Wuwa Nanay :)
 selfie again :) 

we will surely come back to try their buffet next time :) 

It was great day in Intramuros Manila :)

Thanks again Dadi and Mami!

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