Monday, November 12, 2012

Pupupie at Circles Makati Shangrila --FOOD FOOD FOOD!

---nakiki-blog kay mami ---

dadi got 2 Circles Buffect GCs as he won their company's quiz bee  "He's a bibo kid like me :) " 
actually, DAdi told us that the price should have been something else. Like a VIP ticket for King and I. luckily,  the price has been replaced :P FOOD EH :D we used the GCs 2 days after Dadi received them (excited kameee) :) Circles is located at makati Shangrila.. labilabs po dadi :)

the Sumptuous lunch buffet for famous and priceless me "PUPUPIE" 

 mami initiated to get food for me :) coz I'm a kid,  my eyes drooled over this chocolate fountain fondue :P

pupupie (ME): mami mami, dadi dadi!!!! chocolate!!chocolate!!!please?!  (me rolling on the floor) - while showing my sad puppy dog eye look- I always use this trick to get anything I want and it really works :P"  
mami & dadi: okay pupupie! (then they kissed me :D ) 

ME:    .......... (jumping with joy)     weeh! yey!

we had some skewered Madeleines and marshmallows dipped to this yummy liquid chocolate :P  Please do not wonder why we started desserts station instead of  the carving ( na may baby lechon,
 Roasted sirloin, big  ham), pasta, seafood & salad bar.. :P IM just A KID ♫♪♫♪ 

my first plate:

mandatory Hoarding of sweets for me :) cheesecakes, cookies, chocotart and a slice of chococake :D a treat for the sweet tooth :P

my dessert bowl. the luscious ice cream ever as mami sprinkled it with some chocolate chips and  flaked almond nuts .. oops may leche flan pa pala :P   :p it was too late when I'm itching to go back for an ice cream  kasi pa close na sila :( please dadi if you are reading this.. letZ go back here for another ice cream:P or try nten yung Heat sa EDSA shang :P 

baby bear was begging :p she wants  my ice cream :P 

my 2nd plate chocopudding, strawberry cream panna cotta ( c mr crabs sa likod, sorry kinain kita "nyam nyam nyam" )
(marami pa ako plate n di nakuhanan isa isa :P )

we arrived at around 1:30 :P our table was full of food :P  because we  we hoarded what we thought we could eat before their last call.

mami feeding me with these sumptuous food :D  for the pasta, let the chef create your own pasta po. (di nakuhanan nila mami) ang baby baby ko talaga o :P see?!

We were done eating in about 2 hours po. mami and dadi fed me with all of these desserts :)  busog pero gusto ko pa :(

I waved my tiny hand  :P to get the attention of the waiter as we need to ask the bill ksi sabi ni mami hindi nmn kasama ang ice tea sa buffet. honest mami ko nag ask p din ng bill ng ice tea khit yung waiter sinabi ok na daw, he also thanked us coz we had lunch in circles daw. ayan tuloy naalala ng waiter may ice tea pla kme naorder.. :P Mami shouldn't have asked :P )naka 400 tuloy si  dadi for the 2 plain ice teas taste like "nestea litro" lang  >_<  we waited eternity for the bill and had asked another waiter  for follow-up :P Got the bill after 20 minutes po >_< hoomooygaad!  ang reklamador kong bata :P 

We indulge ourselves at the 2nd flr lobby lounge 

Relax muna kasi Busog at Family picture before leaving the place :)

mami and I before leaving Makati Shangrila :)

  I'll make sure babalik ako para sa icecream na di ko nasulit. rawr :D

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