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Pupupie at Caramoan

still editing.... :) :P

Oct 10 is MAmi and Dadi's  anniv so we had a mandatory food trip before our flight :) :P

ready for the 4 days 3 nights vacation :)

 our flight schedule for MNL to virac was on Oct 11 5:45am  but we arrrived at the airport 1am, we're too early for our flight :P because we're too excited and  (mami.dadi, baby bear and teddy may heart) are all first timers mag plane :)

after 4 hours of waiting.. Cebu Pac cancelled our flight due to typhoon santi :( we stayed in the airport until 10am as we tried to find other flights going near to camarines sur. unfortunately, the 9:45am "to Naga" flight of cebu pac was also cancelled and the free re-route flight was mnl to legaspi only. We decided to have our tickets be refunded at cebu pacific office and chose Oct 12 MNL to Naga via PAL flight instead. the 2 tickets cost near 8k >_< 
Meaning, our 4 days 3 nights resort booking turned out to be 3 days 2 night nalang po. sabi ni Dadi importante we still have 3 days accomodation in tugawe.

Since our original flight was cancelled due to typhoon santi >_< we decided to satisfy ourselves with heavy food trips on that night :)

Dad's kamayan and Saisaki buffet for the 2nd time :)

Oct 12,

while waiting for our PAL MNL to NAGA flight, Dadi fell a sleep on his seat :P cute ng dadi ko hug nya ako :)

Finally! our PAL flight MNL to Naga was approved. no more Santi Typhoon in the area of camarines sur and bicol :)

Forget the work stress :-P

our new fave :) picture of us " Teddy-may-heart" eating kinder joy chocolate inside the plane :)

Touchdown!!! :)

From Naga airport, dadi Enrico arranged a private van that fetched us from Naga airport and brought us to sabang port which cost us 1500php >_< we're not aware that there were public transportation vans in Naga city that can bring us to sabang port for only 120 per head. anyway, convenience has a price.  we travelled for  1 hour ( basta safe kami makarating sa Tugawe okay lang po sabi ni Dadi, I love you Dadi!)  but maybe we ended up being panic-stricken, the thought of  we might missed the boat in Sabang port going to Guiallo port.

picture2x para di boring inside the van :)

when we got to sabang port, the local coast guard did not allow any public boat transportation on that day due to Gale warning that still affect the seabord of caramoan :(  Dadi and Mami decided to "buwis buhay" via private small boat ;P the cost of hiring a whole boat from Sabang port to Guijalo is 2500php.

we stayed at sabang for 1 hour, hoping some tourist to came.. no other tourist came but only 3 locals who were going to caramoan too.

 we bring the boat rent cost down by sharing with them. Dadi paid the boatman 1500php while the 3 others can only provide 200-300php each  :(  (tulong nlang po nila mami and dadi sa kanila, since yung isang nanay kapapanganak lang at na confined ng matagal sa hospital daw at kailangan na makauwi)... we travelled the sea for 2 hours and 1/2 without life vest on.. hindi ba buwis buhay? >_<

Picture of Me in buwis buhay boat (Ang cute ng chubby face ko mana kay Dadi :P )
No life vest, big waves, 1 boat man, 2 kids to assist our boat man, small boat :P

we saw a dying "lapu lapu" floating in the sea. Our boat man and kuya pasahero helped each other to catch the fish :-)

kuya pasahero dived in the sea to catch the fish :) click here to see the video --->

the buwis buhay experience was fun :) soak up in Caramoan People's local culture (I think all of them know how to swim) as fishing is their main livelihood :)  the experience also allows us to become one of nature and dadi told us that he wants to be a cast away for a day or 2 :P   (feeling nya mag su-survivor sya kasi nasa caramoan kami which is unspoiled and isolated) he's so ready to live in paradise :)

at guiallo port, Tugawe cove arranged land transfer again for us from Paniman island to Tugawe. they charged us 300 php via trycicle .(na shock kami sa presyo). from the Paniman island, we waited 10 minutes for our assigned personal butler and the Tugawe boatmen . From there, we travel again for 1 and 1/2 hour to Tugawe cove resort. we passed through the enticing islands of Caramoand such as matukad and lahus islands and more :) making us to forget the buwis buhay experience just to reach tugawe cove resort :)

Some photos of the islands near Tugawe cove resort

finally Tugawe!

The Beach front of Tugawe Cove resort (sorry mejo blurry pics)  The Cabanas are hidden in lush green forested hills :)

It was already 6pm when we arrived. the night lights of tugawe are stirring :)

Tugawe Cove Resort has  lake side cabana, hill side cabana and hill top cabana.

Dadi chose the hill top cabana since their pool and restaurant are also situated on top of  hill. :)

lake side cabana:

Just mesmerized by the beauty of nature :)

Hill Side cabana

They gave us cold face towels :) our welcome drinks are fresh buko juice and cheesy banana turon :) 

 si mami mukhang stress n stress :P 2 days  na kulang ang sleep and 8 hours travel >_<

our heavy feelings have been immediately unloaded and forgotten that night because of the delicious dinner served to us and pampering night swimming in their beautiful infinity pool :)

 Blanca arranged our dinner at the restaurant, dadi played billiards with cute little girls while me and mami watching other kids playing we dance wii :)


Dinner at the restaurant

we realized that all the hassle flight schedule cancellation and delays, the. 8 hours travel by sea and land, famished stomachs, scorching heat of the sun, buwis buhay sea travel, expensive private boat and van fares  are worthy po  when we reached the Tugawe cove resort.  

The resort is protected from crowds and stress of modern life. This is the vacation that  what we're longing .. unspoiled and isolated, with hidden islands enticing us for the next day island hopping adventure :)

Dadi made a Milo Dino drink for us before going to sleep :) (si mami and teddy may heart lang na picture-an)

our room :)

some of mami and Dadis blurry mirror shots :P

with hAir dryer and some complimentary toiletries.

good night :) excited for tomorrow :)

Me, Teddy may heart and Babybear chit chatting about what is the agenda for today :)

Good morning Tugawe :)

Sunrise is best at their infinity pool :) so we woke up 5am to have some photo shoot :P

Jaw-dropping and must see view of ocean and near islands at Tugawe infinity pool :)

out butler blanca arranged our breakfast at the pool... :) 

 we transfered to their restaurant as it had started to rain outside.

This bird  actually ate our breakfast :( we were only half done and he took it all. :( And by the way, his name is Kevin :P

Snorkeling was our first activity

They offer free snorkeling gears in case you dont have :-) dadi and Mami saw differerent and stunning huge coral reefs beneath, more and beyond :D :) corals look like huge human brain cerebellum and cerebrum :-) (parang 10x na drum ung mga laki nila ) :P 
sayang lang wla kami water proof camera. We saw a lot of colorful corals and watching the beautifull fishes swim along :) do not miss out this activity as it is really worthy  :-)
 Thanks to our boatmen as they are very accomodating with Mami and Dadi's need :) me , baby bear and teddy may heart were so afraid to do snorkeling as thought of there might have big fishes around the sea and then they will eat us :P so we just stayed in the boat and just watch mami and Dadi how to swim :)

 Next up, island hopping :)

Pitogo island

rocky beach :D

LAhus Island  -  the twin beacH :D

I forgot the name of this island :p 

  My wuwa and wiwo

Matukad Island

Out Butler set the table and prepared our lunch at Matukad island,  FYI fine china ware, tissue, glass and all untensils we need eh dala po ni bianca   (feeling special po tlaga kami!! :) )

Dadi and Wiwo Jhereic

after our island hopping tour, we took some rest in our hill top cabana for 1 hour (took a bath, snack time, play with teddy may heart and baby bear :)  we challenged ourselves with a trek up to the lighthouse on the hill above the beach of Tugawe.  felt like we haven't yet exerted enough energy after seeing the sunset so we planned to play we dance wii on that night.

Tugawe cove has the enlivening view of sunrise at their infinty pool and  spectacular sunset on the hill


we had  the chance to play we dance Wii, dart board and billiards with wiwo and wuwa :)

Mami Playing Wii Dance 

2nd night: some of the foods served to us :)

Dinner with Dadi's Family :) ayun ako o special ako may high chair :)   si wuwa pa nag ayos saken diyaan  :)

3rd day :)
Mami And Dadi wore their yesterday clothes again :) pero nilabhan na po yan :)

Mami and Dadi's photo shoot again at the infinity pool :) ofcourse :P they Didnt miss the elating sunrise view

kayaking at Tugawe


walking barefoot on the sand is definitely something you will appreaciate PLUS we're the only guests who enjoyed their beach on  that morning :)

sitting along the benches of the beach was very relaxing,  no noise pollution, you can only hear the wind blowing trees, twittering birds, the melody of ocean waves, feel the ocean breeze :) thus, Mami fell asleep on the bench :)

while Mami was sleeping, Dadi took photos of us while sitting on the sand, he gathered some seashells and coral stones then used them to form our names on the sand :)

Teddy May-heart

Baby bear

ME pupupie

Breakfast with Dadi's Family :)

we will certainly miss  Tuagwe cove and caramoan islands :)

Naga Airport 

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