Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pupupie's Maslows Hierarchy of needs

I am Pupupie, 2 years old, son of Mami Gracy   and Dadi Enrico :)

 I would just like to share with you my spectacular needs living as baby bully techie techy mushy sweety tantrum kid :)

Let's start with my Physiological Needs :)

Breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, homeostasis , excretion
air, water and food are the metabolic requirements for survival.

Air:  I have a cute nose for breathing :P  
Water:  I drink a lot especially milk tea :)

my favorite Milk tea serenitea
here are some blogs of  other best milkteas and yummy foods I've tried :)  click  --> my Delish Cravings :) and random Serenitea experiences :)

Food and sleep: eating and sleeping are my orgasm :)  I eat anything except for slimy  yuckerdoodle exotic foods >_<

Picture of me eating various food :) taken at Dads, Italiannis,Circles and Birthday parties :) hehe takaw kid talaga ako :)

picture of me sleeping with my siblings :) (ANG CUTE CUTE KO TALAGA!! :P :)

Sex?: Baby Boy  po ako :)

Safety and security needs include:

Safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts,
Health and well being needs;
haha I have my Mami Nurse taking care of my health :)

Personal and Financial Security:  I help Dadi with his work therefore, he shares some of his income so I can  buy and eat anything I want :) BIBOKID talaga ako :P.


I have a greater need to feel safe kasi nga I'm just a kid kaya work from home ako :p
Love and Belonging Includes:

I always feel the sense of belonging and acceptance in any social groups :) thank You Dadi and Mami for always bringing me to any places and even kiddie parties :) weeeeeh I'm a happy kid :)

Dadi's Manager invited me on her daughter's 7th birthday :)

Dadi's workmate invited me on her daughter's 1st birthday :) my picture below :P

at Manila Polo Club


I visit Bingo once in a while, Bingo lives in Dadi's house at Cabanatuan :)  Baby Boy palang daw si Dadi eh Bullybuddy na sila :) di na sya lumaki :P

Picture of Frenemy Gundam hugging me after we fought

His name is Gundam batongbakal :) we play often :) ahmmmmm often fight afterwards ahahaha :P 'cause he's just in the next room. alaga sya ni wiwo :)

Gundambatongbakal at left and Gundampink at right :) we're happy friends :)

meet nicki tagapagbantay ni Dadi sa Office :P

He's a milk tea fan too :) we always have Funny conversations thru phone calls pag nasa office na si dadi kinakumusta ko sya  :P  I'm quite jealous of him 'cause he's with Dadi from Mon to Fri >_< but I miss him na :P He is Dadi's FoodieBuddy at office :)

Meet Toby :)
my silent type friend. he sleeps with us but he doesn't want to be unwrapped :P Maybe the plastic wrapper serves as his mask that helps him breathe like General Zod's mask in the Man of steel movie :P haha kalaban ka pala toby? :P peace toby! mwah!

Intimacy and Family

I have 2 lovely siblings :)

Meet Babybear :)  

She's the middle baby :P she's a cry baby and I always bully her 'cause she smells like Dadi :P hahaha she stays with Dadi in Manila (bachelors pad >_< ) that's why she smells like a boy :P while me and TeddymayHeart( the 3rd baby) stay with Mami in Pampanga :)

here are some of pa-cute photos of TeddyMayHeart:) Literraly  teddy has a heart so dadi named him teddy "MAY" heart :P

Teddymayheart dig for cute foods na kasing liit nya :P
to be continued po kasi marami pa akong adventures & gutom na po ako :P

Pupupie's Voracious appetite at BonChon

My favorite fried chicken :) crispy cover to juicy tenderssness with 2 flavors to choose

My Craze for Bonchon chicken startarted when we went to DAdi's house in Ortigas  wherein Robinsons Galeria is just a stone's throw away from DAdi's pad.  as we pass the mall, we saw Bonchon Restaurant Jam-packed  with customers   :) so the hint immediately came into our minds and tummmies that their food are worth to give a try :)  and we're not disappointed :)

whenever I dine in Bonchon, their staff always managed to wrap my left overs with this nice box  to ensure it crispiness :) of course I don't want to leave my Bonchon food, I still eat my left overs after an hour :)

to be continued pa po  :) looking forward to dine at bonchon  again  and again :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

satisfied palates and tummies of Pupupie, Babybear and Tedy may heart at Yakimix Podium

we love buffet and we are always in search and fan of trying buffets in any sorts of places :)  Mami's friend "Kharen" endorsed Yakimix to her :P and I just felt the need to check and try it out with baby bear and Teddy May heart :) so Dadi agreed  that we should try it. 

of course, we decided to start with the desserts :) thank you mami dadi for reserving these desserts for me :D
I had fun eating everything

Dadi drew my name on our dessert plate as well as the names of baby bear and teddy may heart :D

Desserts all you can :)

Mami's healthy options :P haha Kani salad & other fresh vegtables:) besides the salad bar you'll find the  tempura dish which you should not miss at all.  there is also a sushi bar where various raw sushis, maki,  tuna, salmon etc :P my favorites are crab sticks and california rolls :D baby bear and teddy may heart took various maki :D

we seated near the buffet station :D ambiance of Yakimix is elegant and chill :)  


we specifically loved the wall to ceiling lightings and decors :)
Dadi at my back doing a major food Hoarding :)  he went around, got everything he liked and dumped them on our table.  hahaha.. Certainly, Rice is mandatory for us :) everything on our plates taste great.

Mami's getting ready for more substantial :D

 Japanese food are very interesting, The variety -- raw, fried, grilled, cooked, and all the lively colours are too good to resist po :) they have noodles and pasta too but we werent able to try them because we found ourselves drawn to the raw food items that can be grilled . we love the interactive unlimited cook-your-own food dining style :)
Service is prompt and friendly too, and the restaurant itself is definitely elegant and comfortable. So for a  price of P520 per person for saturday lunch, I say with conviction that this is a steal po ! :)

Me and Mami Grilling all the raw items dadi tooked :P

stolen shot of me reaching my desserts :P medyo pinapagalitan ako ni Mami kasi wag daw puro desserts kainin ko :P 

me cooking :)

devouring all grilled foods on our plate :) Happy Fiesta :D

one more round :)

kani salad :D maki :P tempura :)

they have snack bar too :P after we ate all of the foods we grilled, Teddy may heart dig for Pizza, Tacos @ Chicharap? :P haha..

Fruits for Teddy May heart  para healthy :) we alwyas make sure to end our meals with fruits for healthy digestion :) 
here's the updated price list as of June 2013 :)