Sunday, September 8, 2013

SEPTEMBER :) Pupupie's food trips at korean restaurant, Mr. Parks Bread and Cake cravings and Cajun Red Rock :)


Mami and I were craving for Mr. park's cream puffs. Before, they have a small  stall at Cocina Central Marquee Mall thus we always had to have it  everytime we're there. We then noticed that their stall was always missing for a month. MAmi and DAdi  decided to visit their main branch in Frienship Angeles >_< Dadi called first the Bakery store as we  dont know where the bakery is..

Picture2x muna kme nila Mami and Dadi before we left the mall.

Medyo pa PBB teens cla mami at dadi :p

finally.. Mr. Park's bread and cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Me (Pupupie) at Mr. Park's Bread and Cake :)

Mami and Dadi were already hungry >_< they planned to just go back here  after our dinner.. okay... but I bought 4 small cream puffs first as I cant't resist my cravings anymore  :) I was so excited to hoard  their cream puffs after our dinner :)

cream puffs are best serve when chilled :)

okay...we're in an authentic korean restaurant for the first time.. all of their customers are Koreans... 

we're the only filipino kids here and we dont know what food should we try as we might regret our choices... ahmmm we ordered something with pork and noodles..

here you gooo.. samgyupsal?

Dadi googled how to eat samgyupsal as we're afraid again to look "shunga" eating the food :P

Samgyupsal "pork belly" wrap it in lettuce together with garlic or and other side dish :P 

and one thing for sure, We'll not visit this place again in the future.. quite expensive but limited servings >_< we'll try other korean rastaurant next time... Maybe "Matgalne" in Ortigas that offers Unlimited Samgyupsal and more :P hehehe" please dadi if you are reading this.. lets go to Matgalne  SOONEST :) mwah!

Baby bear got 1 of my cream puffs >_<

Teddy may Heart's favorite are vegetables so he's okay with the food. My tummy wants cream puffs only that time >_<

here's my picture.. ahmmm soo sad because Mami , dadi, baby bear and teddy may heart were enjoying korean food. while me? I had only 3 cream puffs.. can't wait to go back at Mr. parks bakery >_<

and when they're done ... :( :( :(....

we went back at the bakery...

 guess what??? All cream puffs were
gone :( already SOLD OUT :'(

We were advised by their staff to make an advance reservation of cream puffs next time because their cream puffs is their best seller and  they stop baking breads at around 6pm .   we'll try to visit their branch near Dadi's house next time


we visited dadi at ortigas and so also had the chance to check  Mr. PArk's bread and cake  Ortigas branch :)

Bakery's Facade at night :) the trending  mustache emblem everywhere :) they're on watches, shoes, clothings and accesories.. now the bakery has it too :p haha.. 

Ortigas branch is bigger and has extensive choices of breads and cakes compared with Angeles Pampanga Branch :) they have Grean tea and Strawberry flavored cream puffs which Angeles Branch dont have . :)

I can't and will never resist to have cream puffs :)

their best seller cream puffs worth only 8php while choco cream puffs is only 12php at angeles branch... while choco,grean tea and strawberry cream puffs cost 14 php here in ortigas.. I  don't know why the prices of their bread and cakes here are higher than Angeles branch.

picture of me hoarding cream puffs hihih :)

stolen shot of Dadi :)

cutee patootie cakes :)

Me with my box of cream puffs :) perfect as midnight snack :) mami wasn't able to take a good picture of my cream puffs because my wiwo thought it's Mami's pasalubong for him thus he immediately dig these.

More cream puffs cravings soon :) ...

next stop :) Cajun Red Rock near Dadi's House again:)

family Picture :) A surprise cutee patootie card  for Dadi.. there's no special occasion, we just want to be the sweetiest kids :)

me drooling over Cajun Bacon Crisp rice :)

Jack wings are mine  :)

me with my Siblings :) baby bear and teddy may heart

mashed potato is a must try in an american Restaurant casual dining.

yum yum yum :p surest, we'll visit Cajun again and again :)

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