Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pupupie's long awaited Crispy Pata at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe

yipeee :) we celebrated Mami and Dadi's monthsary again at Kuppa :) we've been here before :-) it was last year on Mami and Dadi's anniversary but we lost all good pictures we had on that day :( (plus the Mind Museum photos)  because Dadi's phone was snatched the next day >_< Dadi promised we'll come back here and finally the long wait is over :) hehehe.. from Pampanga to Taguig :)

Mami and Dadi camhog moments while waiting for the foods :)

this is the only picture of Mami and Dadi's first visit at Kuppa last year, My previous pictures with crispy pata were completely gone >_>

2nd visit  :) .

too excited of pushing this button to follow-up my ordered crispy pata :) heeeheee :)

Peanut Butter Pie Frost :) 

they served my yummy Kuppa drink first :)

Can't just sit down on the couch  0_o   I have to wander around and look for yummy desserts :)

yummy desserts, Mami said I have to choose only 1  >_<  but, I'm craving for ice cream and cake....

so I went back to our seat.. thought which to choose

Then my eyes glowed like stars when I saw the writings on a wall  facing from our seat:P

wow! that's exactly what I want :P chocolatey cake and with Gelato?? :P  weeeeeeh...

I told Mami and Dadi immediately that I want to end up my meal with Matt''s chocolate cake plus Vanilla Gelato :) weeeh

Didn't know that Mami already ordered this while I'm not on the seat :) Thank You Mami! Mami Knows best :P

Finally Kuppa Crispy Pata! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aahahaha

picture of me and teddy may heart, we're Stunned and drooled  over this Crispy Pata :P

Finally My Crispy Pata :)  I still remember how we left Kuppa last year with bloated tummies and satisfied cravings :P  and it happened again with Baby Bear and Teddy May Heart:)

and because we're also too excited for dessert, Matt's chocolate cake was served to us while we're still digging in crispy pata :P

opt to add 1 small scoop of vanilla gelato for quite costly price of 60php

This is the chocolatiest cake I've ever tasted so mami planned to bake a molten chocolate cake too this coming weekend for me :-) she said that she will use hersheys and smackers choco :-) yehey:-)

can't fight sleepiness and tardiness after heavy meal :P hehehe burrrrpp :)


check the  best sellers and "menu for today" on the restaurant's facade :-)

till next time Kuppa! :)

then we decided to have a glimpse of SM aura :) hehe we indulge ourselves at Sky park :) take many pictures and play at the Splash plaza :)

Family Picture is mandatory :)

A happy saturday 34th lovesary date of mami and dadi :-) 

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