Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Serenitea Milk tea dates :)

--Naki blog kay mami-- <3 

I am Pupupie :) I'm a Milk tea addict like my Mami Gracy  and Dadi Enrico O.O

I would just like to share with you my Serenitea experiences :) the First Milk tea Place that Me Mami and Dadi got so Addicted :P

We never expected that tea will go so well with mik :) What I love with serenitea is that they always have new flavors to offer, some our limited edition with special yummy added stuff :)  from then on, we are regular customers of their store :) 

March 3, 2013, 

Me, Mami and Dadi are adventurous type when it comes to trying out yummy milk teas of serenitea :)

we have tried the special edition Milk Chocolate swiss miss concocted by Serenitea  and the new cookies and cream milk tea :) 

we always make sure to have Serenitea drinks whenever mami go to manila, she will pass through the R.Galleria Mall to order milk teas for me and baby bear :) also, before going back home to Pampanga; dadi and mami will take out orders of milk teas or at least sit, sip and relax inside their store for awhile:) BTW, I heard Serenitea will open their new branch at SM clark Pampanga.. ooow we are so excited :)

 Milk tea has never been this chocolatey and creamy. We have tasted Milo Milk tea and Nagoya milk tea again :) Our taste buds were so satisfied with these drinks :) we had our drinks for 75% sugar which made the sweetness just right for us and drinking them made us feel refreshed and re-energized :)

 Mami Gracy , Baby Bear , Me Pupupie and Dadi Enrico Family Picture :) 

 both drinks have whipped cream :) we go nuts for this stuff :P 
Christmas tea frost with Kitkat peppermint and Mocha macchiato frost with baby ruth for me and baby bear. We never mind if they are quite pricey because they are still a good deal  :)

Dec 4, 2012 We tried Serenitea’s chrismas drinks :) Mocha Macchiato Baby Ruth and kit-kat peppermint - KKP  has malts and a huge chunk of kit kat NYAMMY :D ) Yet, I'm not into the peppermint taste po (@.@) (PERO NAUBOS PA DIN NAMIN NI DADI) Dadi swore that weI'll buy  "Milk Tea chocofrost butterfinger" next time :) despite the ongoinng craze and boom of milk tea stores, Serenitea still captures our taste buds like no other . We Just can get enough of its products :D  

you get to choose everything: flavor, ice level, sweetness level (most of the time we chose 75% for sugar and and ice level:P not bland, just right and perfect as we can still taste the tea) and the things you want in your  tea, be it tapioca, jelly, or crystals.  (we always like tapioca balls with chewey gooey texture :D ) When you order something like Hokkaido or Okinawa (which has syrups in it),we make it 75% in large cups for no regrets :D 

after ordering, they would hand this gadget to you which lights up and vibrates when your drink is ready to serve :0

I also tried Nagoya milk tea that tastes so creamy before going back to Pampanga :) the milk and tea were perfectly blended, their tapioca balls  "pearls" are perfectly chewy too :) I can say that it is my all ultimate favorite drink from Serenitea

here is a stolen shot of me reaching for a glass of okinawa milk tea :)

we are always looking forward to try more yummy milk teas from Serenitea :) 


Pupupie and Mami Gracy :)

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