Monday, November 19, 2012

Pupupie food porn :) trying out YUMMY eats from all sorts of places.

--nakikiblog kay mami--

I just want to be regularly fed and always up to try something delicious.

the long wait is finally over :P tokyo bubble tea at marquee is now open :p no need for me to go in manila :P the place is cute and bubbly in our eyes :P  TBT milk tea store is infused with korean and japanese food po :p we loved their milk tea drinks and the prices are quite reasonable na rin po. the tapioca balls are called bubbles :P the bubbles are very small compare with chatime,serenitea,gongcha and happy lemon :P  we were in the spirit of craving pasta and pizza that time therefore nag take-out order nalang po kami nila baby bear.. we dine at Italiannis instead :)  we'll try TBT foods next time, dadi is not into korean foods too or any kind ng maki >_< :P

royal milk tea for me and chocolate milk tea for baby bear :P
Mami and Dadi forgot their change >_< so we went back the following week to get it  po  :p ofcourse we have tasted the other TBT drinks :P 
 pupupie: baby bear lets play while for bubble teas :P I am pupupieskywalker , and you are baby amidala :) laaaaeeeeser swoooooooooord :P
baby bear: sure pupupie, bsta akin pink laser sword :P  
PPP: tigilan na naten baby bear, cmangot na si mami :P
BB: ok :D ayan n drinks naten pupupie :)

nyam nyam nyam :P :D

Nov 25, 2012  

yey! serenitea again.. here are my pics po, hindi tlaga ako mapakali kaya bumalik kme nila mami dun para sa gadget na to :P gusto ko i-uwi kaso bad daw yun sabi ni mami :P

 both drinks have whipped cream :) we go nuts for this stuffs po 

We tried Serenitea’s chrismas drinks :) Mocha Macchiato Baby Ruth and kit-kat peppermint - KKP  has malts and a huge chunk of kit kat NYAMMY :D ) Yet, I don't like the peppermint taste po (@.@) (PERO NAUBOS PA DIN NAMIN NI DADI) bawal mag sayang ng pagkain ang turo sa akin :P Sit, Relax and Sip nanaman ako :)  Dadi swore that weI'll buy  "Milk Tea chocofrost butterfinger" next time :) despite the boom of milk tea stores, Serenitea still captures our taste buds like no other . We Just can get enough of its products :D  mami, dadi ang buchugan ko talaga :* you get to choose everything: flavor, ice level, sweetness level (madalas 75% lang kami  for sugar and and ice level:P not bland, just right and perfect as we can still tase the tea) and the things you want in your  tea, be it tapioca, jelly, or crystals.  (we always like tapioca balls with chewey gooey texture :D ) When you order something like Hokkaido or Okinawa (which has syrups in it), make it 50%. too sweet na yung 75% sabi ni mami baka masira teeth ko :D we always choose large glass so no regrets :D 

goodles :) @ Robinsons Ortigas :0
mouthwateridng Easy to eat pasta (pasta in paper cups) unique diba :) this is a Morrocan beef pasta, a must try for only 165php  good for 2 na rin (mahina lang yata talaga kumain si mami :P :)  mami told me that she already tried the other pasta when she was with Dadi and his best friend named Geno.  tulog daw ako nun kaya di ako na isama :P wala ako sa picture >_< :P
Family Picture muna po :P

TOSH Marquee

TOSH Robinsons Galleria 
Mami and Dadi always let me eat what I want :P Golden Oreo Cookie ala Mode of the Old Spaghetti house is one of my favorite dessert .takaw takaw ala mode :D No doubt this is an indulgent dessert for a little "me" :)
TOSH North Edsa
(tinawag pala ako ng katabi namen na wuwa (lola) sa table na "BABY" when we're at TOSH N.edsa )

pupupie (ME): (sitting beside mami and dadi)
dadi: gracy ko naubos naten yung parmesan cheese
mami: grabe ka, ayun hingin mo yung sa katabi mo.
dadi: ehehe hiya ako
wuwa sa kabilang table: (narinig si dadi) o eto yung cheese iho sa inyo na, eh yung baby nyo? ( referring to me) pinakain nyo na ba? baka magutom. (tuwang tuwa sa akin na parang  gusto nya na ako damputin :P ) 
me: (smiled and stared to wuwa) :p ♫♪♫♪ 

I have tried the Pan-grilled glazed chicken with vegetable sidings and java rice, 

TOSH at Marquee mall

Seafood Marinara,Classic Lasagna, U.S. Beef Salpicao and U.S. Beef Bistro Steak with Parmesan Spaghetti (Lagi Order ni dadi tapos extra rice :P ) TOSH Food has lots of culinary delights to offer po, their food are not spectacular but always good naman po to fill our stomachs po. I would definitely ALWAYS go back and try the other dishes in their menu :) sakto lang sa Bulsa ni Mami at dadi :P Compare with the sumptous Italiannis  haha :D

here is our family picture at TOSH Marquee Mall :) 

my 1st time Army Navy experience at green Hills...I'm a certified BULLY BOY :)

 Mouthwatering open Quesadilla , sana pina staple ko >_< parang sa Cafe Mesa sa clark  :) 
while dadi had his burito best consumed when hot, thanks Dadi and Mami for the  delectable treat. I heard they opened a branch at marquee mall. so can you imagine the excitement? haha..

I’ve always been a milk tea addict since Dadi Introduced me to: 1st Serenitea  (I have tried wintermelon, nagoya and Hokaido as those are store's best sellers)  and 2nd Chatime ( has a wide array of drinks to choose but I always preffered the Pearl Milk tea since mami and I are safe drinker :P kuha nyo po? kakatkot yung kakaibang flavors eh ) both stores are located in Robinsons Galleria which are just stone's throw away from dadi's House therefore palagi kami nag-oorder nila mami nito whenever we pass through the mall :) SAaadd :( coz both of these are not available in Pampanga po but we tried the  Gong Cha at Marquee mall.  Gongcha's "Pear milk "milk" tea" (double millk po talga yan :D) is creamier than the aforementioned flavor of teas from Chatime and Serenitea, yet the price is quite higher . As I remember po, mami paid 150 for "GONG CHA MILK "MILK " TEA large :P .  We're never been a fan of Starbucks :P (coffee)  so thanks to Milk tea stores sprouting up all over within metro manila, we're so glad we can now indulge ourselves with varieties of milk tea :)
feeling ko ako si IRON man dito :)
 I wasn't able to take a picture of this same gadget at serenitea  :( eto chatime nlng muna...

After ordering they would hand this gadget to you, which lights up and vibrates when your number is called and your drink is ready for pick-up.

I want to try other milk teas like Happy Lemon and Bubble tea (nakikita ko sa FB :D) pag naglakwatsa kami ulit nila mami at dadi sa Manila :) dadi if you are reading this tara na po please?

here's a stolen shot of me :P reaching for a glass of okinawa serenitea. (ang cute po ng tiny left hand ko diba?)

pupupie (me) at tokyo2x
Pupupie ME at bibimbob SM
here are some of my Starbucks experiences po. I'm not a fan of coffee (nagpapalpitate kme ni mami at dadi) so light blended coffee lang  like Java chip frap  (above photo)

ME (PUPUPIE): Nyam nyam nyam mami! I just love these chunks of choco chips on my tounge (^.^)(\/)  (then I pulled the straw out to get the whipped cream :P) Yummyyumyum :D (ang cute ko naimagine nyo? :P )

 mocha cookie crumble (left photo) which has a whipped cream on top and chocolate cookie crumbles. You can see on my photos that I don't stay in Starbucks cafeterias. I usually take out my ordered coffee coz SB is always jampacked of rich kids with lapitops, Ipad, smartphones n nkikifreewifi :D  e.g. SM clark branch (saktong matakaw kid lang po ako kasi :P )

cute whoopie pie for me at Starbucks (we have no choice but to stay here  po to rest for awhile ) @ SM north EDSA before we watched Avengers IMAX :D  with wuwa and wiwo <3 <3 < 3 :P

Nov 27, 2012
oopps eto po pala pic ko ng Gongcha milk tea kaso nttakpan...

baby bear sipping her Gong cha pearl milk milk tea :) (double milk po tlaga yan) taters Fries while watching Breaking Dawn 2 2D :D

Dec 1, 2012

I've been seeing this only in facebook po. Finally Happy Lemon :)
si baby bear mas matakaw na sa akin >_<

Have been to Trinoma just to buy these drinks po :) these drinks have frothy rock salt cheese foam.  I chose milk tea cocoa rock salt and cheese and milk tea with oreo cookies and cream for baby bear.  our taste buds prefer the cocoa rock salt and cheese po. However, we found their drinks to be bland po.cge na nga, just fine and worthy to buy nman po. I would love to try their lemon series next time po like Lemon Yakult since lemonade place daw una to at"LEMON" nga name ng store, but what can I do? I'm a royal milk tea fun po.. baby kasi ako kya puro milk :D

-to be continued :D

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pupupie at Caleruega Batanggas and Leslies Tagaytay -FOOD FOOD FOOD!

------Nakikiblog kay mami-------
-dadi's 2nd visit at Caleruega. The first time was with his workmates for team building daw po and during that po he phoned us to described how beautiful the place po and made a promise that he will visit again Caleruega KASAMA KAMI so SOON. 
We've always wanted to visit the place and finally been there on dadi's birthday last May :) 

We went through the rocky and dusty road before we reached the place. Medyo tago pala ito at di accessible sa mga tourist.  Caleruega is a peaceful house of prayer na perfect place din po for sweet couples out there gaya ni mami at dadi :D

Mami and I were so impressed of this scenic view so she immediately put me on this area to take pictures. I'm surrounded by lush greenery. Na pa WOooooooW kami coz  Every spots here eh perfect for photo souvenir. o ha parang mala bida po ba ako sa postcard?

We missed the chance to enter the church ksi may kina-kasal. The church is always fully booked for pre-nuptial shoots and wedding ceremonies daw po. However,  we solemnly prayed outside nalang kasi nga peaceful place naman po ito.

ME, Dadi and Mami photographed in front of the church before leaving Caleruega :)  post card effect ! (tingin po kayo sa paanan ni mami at dadi liit ko kasi)

After visiting, we headed to Tagaytay ksi tomjomes na ako :) mami and dadi always want to feed me ANY FOOD kasi hyper ako na bata :) we had dinner at leslies tagaytay coz we're craving for filipino cuisine (yellow cab pizzas ksi ang packed lunch namin when we're at caleruga church, kaya para maiba naman ) ...the dining hall was crowded with people so we thought it's better than its neighborhood counterparts.  We were not satisfied with the service and food.( mami had a hard time getting the waiter's attention). The seafood karekare they ordered was not well-cooked.  >_<  Since then, Mami and I have lost our appetite >_<. sana nag Josephines nlng kmi nila mami which looks a lot high end daw sabi ng friend ni mami.

the taste of this soup is somewhat bland po as if it's lacking for something

The food is quite Expensive and looks not appealing at all. (500php ulam lang) However, The ambiance is great because it is an open air restaurant and dadi Enrico even finished his food. Maybe its good n din,PERO honestly po.. I will not visit this place again :P maldito po ako na bata :)  We'll try Josephines po pag balik namen dun nila dadi at mami :) no dadi?

buti nalang the view is amazing at leslies tagaytay.. picture perfect nanaman for us :) 

we settled on this place. there are nipa Hut availables din po for extra ordinary scene.. (ayun sa likod oh )
 Sadly when we went here eh mag 6:30pm n po nun. bawal n daw sa gabi ang kumain sa Nipa hut nila (baka may magpatiwakal? :P ) .. pictures2x lang daw pwede >_<.. so we did nman :)

Baby bear kasama pala :D
 Nipa Hut :)  breath taking view of the Taal Volcano from Leslies

Babalik kami sa Tagaytay ni mami as per DADI :) no dadi? :*   taking a photo with the Taal Volcano is unavoidable po pag nandito kayo syempre :)

<3 pupupie <3


Monday, November 12, 2012

Pupupie at Circles Makati Shangrila --FOOD FOOD FOOD!

---nakiki-blog kay mami ---

dadi got 2 Circles Buffect GCs as he won their company's quiz bee  "He's a bibo kid like me :) " 
actually, DAdi told us that the price should have been something else. Like a VIP ticket for King and I. luckily,  the price has been replaced :P FOOD EH :D we used the GCs 2 days after Dadi received them (excited kameee) :) Circles is located at makati Shangrila.. labilabs po dadi :)

the Sumptuous lunch buffet for famous and priceless me "PUPUPIE" 

 mami initiated to get food for me :) coz I'm a kid,  my eyes drooled over this chocolate fountain fondue :P

pupupie (ME): mami mami, dadi dadi!!!! chocolate!!chocolate!!!please?!  (me rolling on the floor) - while showing my sad puppy dog eye look- I always use this trick to get anything I want and it really works :P"  
mami & dadi: okay pupupie! (then they kissed me :D ) 

ME:    .......... (jumping with joy)     weeh! yey!

we had some skewered Madeleines and marshmallows dipped to this yummy liquid chocolate :P  Please do not wonder why we started desserts station instead of  the carving ( na may baby lechon,
 Roasted sirloin, big  ham), pasta, seafood & salad bar.. :P IM just A KID ♫♪♫♪ 

my first plate:

mandatory Hoarding of sweets for me :) cheesecakes, cookies, chocotart and a slice of chococake :D a treat for the sweet tooth :P

my dessert bowl. the luscious ice cream ever as mami sprinkled it with some chocolate chips and  flaked almond nuts .. oops may leche flan pa pala :P   :p it was too late when I'm itching to go back for an ice cream  kasi pa close na sila :( please dadi if you are reading this.. letZ go back here for another ice cream:P or try nten yung Heat sa EDSA shang :P 

baby bear was begging :p she wants  my ice cream :P 

my 2nd plate chocopudding, strawberry cream panna cotta ( c mr crabs sa likod, sorry kinain kita "nyam nyam nyam" )
(marami pa ako plate n di nakuhanan isa isa :P )

we arrived at around 1:30 :P our table was full of food :P  because we  we hoarded what we thought we could eat before their last call.

mami feeding me with these sumptuous food :D  for the pasta, let the chef create your own pasta po. (di nakuhanan nila mami) ang baby baby ko talaga o :P see?!

We were done eating in about 2 hours po. mami and dadi fed me with all of these desserts :)  busog pero gusto ko pa :(

I waved my tiny hand  :P to get the attention of the waiter as we need to ask the bill ksi sabi ni mami hindi nmn kasama ang ice tea sa buffet. honest mami ko nag ask p din ng bill ng ice tea khit yung waiter sinabi ok na daw, he also thanked us coz we had lunch in circles daw. ayan tuloy naalala ng waiter may ice tea pla kme naorder.. :P Mami shouldn't have asked :P )naka 400 tuloy si  dadi for the 2 plain ice teas taste like "nestea litro" lang  >_<  we waited eternity for the bill and had asked another waiter  for follow-up :P Got the bill after 20 minutes po >_< hoomooygaad!  ang reklamador kong bata :P 

We indulge ourselves at the 2nd flr lobby lounge 

Relax muna kasi Busog at Family picture before leaving the place :)

mami and I before leaving Makati Shangrila :)

  I'll make sure babalik ako para sa icecream na di ko nasulit. rawr :D