Monday, January 6, 2014

Pupupie Hyatt regency hotel and Ayala Tringle

Dadi's Birthday treat for mami :) thank you dadi and mami sinama nyo kami ni baby bear at teddy may heart :)   after our dinner, we also had a chance to vist Ayala Triangle, may christmas lights and musical show

picture of Dadi hoarding seafoods :P just ask the chef to cook them for you :)

Mami's DIY salad :) the best salad we've ever tasted ^.^

my cute little sister took oven brick pizza and assorted of cheese bites :D

lamb , beef and pork steaks

my Favorite :)  grilled Shrimps :) baked oysters and scallops :D

crabs and lobsters

ask your chef to make a teppanyaki :)

yummy tempura for baby bear :)

tasty soup

bland cheesecake >_< the best pa rin gawa ng mami ko! :D
  Artisan ice cream :)

creme brulee that Dadi missed out :P sorry dadi ang sarap agad ubos po :*

teddy may heart accidentaly spilled chocolate syrup on macaroons :P masarap po ung red velevet :)

yummy crepe banana strawberry nutella filling with vanilla ice cream and chocolate smucker toppings :) the best crepe ever!
complimentary tea  ^.^

ayala triangle:

Selfie :)

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