Monday, July 22, 2013

Pupupie at Sab Bistro Restaurant

Does it really make you feel happy wen u see the pain in someone else's eyes and all you do is rub salt in their wounds? Does it really make you feel less guilty when u point the wrong of others when u did the exact same? Does talking about someone else's dark side really cover your own?  Does it really make you feel better when u tell other people to beware  and tell your negative views with someone you hate?
'I've learned that whatever you'll do and say to someone who hates you will turned out to be against and unnerving on their own perspectives.  Don't please those mean people as they will never listen and appreciate your good acts. one sad truth is when u've done your best to understand & show kindness to them but you only received disappointments over disappointments as they will always be MEAN . reasons? either they are insecure , intimidated (because you know their dark sides) or they feel like they are higher than the Eiffel tower (perfect daw sila).  I've learned that pleasing someone who gives you emotional hardships is a Big No and that I should stop bothering with their perspectives.  

 dont be bitter as grudges might lead to revenge and revenge makes you become one of them. Just pray for them instead :) Believe that God will lead them to wonderful changes :)  that they will not judge you as they never really knew you at all AND that eventhough life is unfair at the moment, in due time, it will all be paid off. 

-- mami

Dear mami,

in times of stress and $%#%# situations. just eat laugh love :)

<3 Pupupie

Mami and Dadi's happy Saturdate again at Sab Bistro :)

the comfortable  couch and the cozy chic look of interior makes you feel at home :) During that time, We noticed that the restaurant has only 1 attendant that's very nice and attentive to all our needs :)

it was our first time to dine at Sab bistro  so we ordered their best sellers to avoid regrets :)

we seated properly like good boys and good girl babybear while we're waiting for the foods :)

Mouth watering Prawn Thermidor for 340php was a tad overwhelming

Choco Java Chip Frappe for only 120

We enjoyed Seafood with Caramba Pepper Sauce :)  Pepper Sauce is essential whenever we eat seafood :P Good source of vitamin B and E :)

The Tastiest Baked Mussels for only 195 is a great steal :)

extra rice for 20php only :)

the red velvet cheese  145 php is their best seller dessert  but i think my Mami's own version of cheese cake is better :P hehe sorry :D I take out my left over cake so that my Wuwa can taste it too and she aggreed that Mami's cheese cake tastes better :P hihihi :D

Eat Laugh and Love :)  our stress reliever :)

we'll surely come back here!! :)

SAB BISTRO at Angeles Pampanga

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