Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pupupie at Chilis Philippines :)

Chilis at Mega Mall

selfie infront of chilis restaurant! finally  I got what I wanted! to dine here and order their epic chocolate molten cake!

inside the  restau :) they have 4 big LCD TV attached on the corners of their wall :)  we watched Avengers !!!(for the 10th time  maybe)  :P while waiting for our ordered foods :)

as usual, we check their Desserts menu first :) MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE! check! 

family picture while waiting for our ordered foods :)

babybear looks soooo cute in this photo

teddy may heart dig in with mashed potato :) it has no gravy but it tastes soo amazing with bacon bits on top and creammy butterlicious taste .

it was our first time to eat fajitas so we don't know how to eat it :P  I told mami and dadi to google first :P

spread the sour cream and guacamole on fajita bread then place the cooked meat, chicken and gambas on the center of bread. 

Roll it up to where it looks like burrito :) buti nlng alam ko na din kumain ng burrito :)

we're done with our fajitas! finally molten chocolate cake!   

me with my cake :)  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT :P

Vanilla ice cream coated with Smucker  i think? :P the chcolate shelll was very thick and hard so dadi helped me  to crack it :P

hot chocolate fudge oozing from the inside

BURP! FOOD COMA! hahaha 

it surely was  an expensive but "worth it "experience!  

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