Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pupupie's Maslows Hierarchy of needs

I am Pupupie, 2 years old, son of Mami Gracy   and Dadi Enrico :)

 I would just like to share with you my spectacular needs living as baby bully techie techy mushy sweety tantrum kid :)

Let's start with my Physiological Needs :)

Breathing, food, water, sleep, sex, homeostasis , excretion
air, water and food are the metabolic requirements for survival.

Air:  I have a cute nose for breathing :P  
Water:  I drink a lot especially milk tea :)

my favorite Milk tea serenitea
here are some blogs of  other best milkteas and yummy foods I've tried :)  click  --> my Delish Cravings :) and random Serenitea experiences :)

Food and sleep: eating and sleeping are my orgasm :)  I eat anything except for slimy  yuckerdoodle exotic foods >_<

Picture of me eating various food :) taken at Dads, Italiannis,Circles and Birthday parties :) hehe takaw kid talaga ako :)

picture of me sleeping with my siblings :) (ANG CUTE CUTE KO TALAGA!! :P :)

Sex?: Baby Boy  po ako :)

Safety and security needs include:

Safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts,
Health and well being needs;
haha I have my Mami Nurse taking care of my health :)

Personal and Financial Security:  I help Dadi with his work therefore, he shares some of his income so I can  buy and eat anything I want :) BIBOKID talaga ako :P.


I have a greater need to feel safe kasi nga I'm just a kid kaya work from home ako :p
Love and Belonging Includes:

I always feel the sense of belonging and acceptance in any social groups :) thank You Dadi and Mami for always bringing me to any places and even kiddie parties :) weeeeeh I'm a happy kid :)

Dadi's Manager invited me on her daughter's 7th birthday :)

Dadi's workmate invited me on her daughter's 1st birthday :) my picture below :P

at Manila Polo Club


I visit Bingo once in a while, Bingo lives in Dadi's house at Cabanatuan :)  Baby Boy palang daw si Dadi eh Bullybuddy na sila :) di na sya lumaki :P

Picture of Frenemy Gundam hugging me after we fought

His name is Gundam batongbakal :) we play often :) ahmmmmm often fight afterwards ahahaha :P 'cause he's just in the next room. alaga sya ni wiwo :)

Gundambatongbakal at left and Gundampink at right :) we're happy friends :)

meet nicki tagapagbantay ni Dadi sa Office :P

He's a milk tea fan too :) we always have Funny conversations thru phone calls pag nasa office na si dadi kinakumusta ko sya  :P  I'm quite jealous of him 'cause he's with Dadi from Mon to Fri >_< but I miss him na :P He is Dadi's FoodieBuddy at office :)

Meet Toby :)
my silent type friend. he sleeps with us but he doesn't want to be unwrapped :P Maybe the plastic wrapper serves as his mask that helps him breathe like General Zod's mask in the Man of steel movie :P haha kalaban ka pala toby? :P peace toby! mwah!

Intimacy and Family

I have 2 lovely siblings :)

Meet Babybear :)  

She's the middle baby :P she's a cry baby and I always bully her 'cause she smells like Dadi :P hahaha she stays with Dadi in Manila (bachelors pad >_< ) that's why she smells like a boy :P while me and TeddymayHeart( the 3rd baby) stay with Mami in Pampanga :)

here are some of pa-cute photos of TeddyMayHeart:) Literraly  teddy has a heart so dadi named him teddy "MAY" heart :P

Teddymayheart dig for cute foods na kasing liit nya :P
to be continued po kasi marami pa akong adventures & gutom na po ako :P

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