Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pupupie's Voracious appetite at BonChon

My favorite fried chicken :) crispy cover to juicy tenderssness with 2 flavors to choose

My Craze for Bonchon chicken startarted when we went to DAdi's house in Ortigas  wherein Robinsons Galeria is just a stone's throw away from DAdi's pad.  as we pass the mall, we saw Bonchon Restaurant Jam-packed  with customers   :) so the hint immediately came into our minds and tummmies that their food are worth to give a try :)  and we're not disappointed :)

whenever I dine in Bonchon, their staff always managed to wrap my left overs with this nice box  to ensure it crispiness :) of course I don't want to leave my Bonchon food, I still eat my left overs after an hour :)

to be continued pa po  :) looking forward to dine at bonchon  again  and again :)

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