Friday, July 5, 2013

DAdi and Mami's saturdate turned out to be a kiddie date :) (monster university, mcdo kiddie party and Sci Fi Cafe)

not the usual /stereotypical saturdate for Mami and Dadi, of course we're with them that's why it turned out to be a kiddie date :)

we've been invited by Dadi's officemate Melai to attend her nephew's kiddie party at Mcdonalds in Manila :)

While we (Mami,me,Teddymayheart) were on our way, Dadi  informed us that there's a MOnster University
event at Trinoma :) there were many freebies  for all those who could finished the 4 games :) so we headed there instead of going straight to Mcdonalds kiddie party, the event was for all ages :) we signed up and joined the fun games :P me and baby bear got A and  A+ scores on our report cards :)

Mami as our teacher :)

picture of us listening to Mami's lecture "Bullying" :P

"never be a bully kid :P dont do to others what you dont want them to do unto you :P "

we stood in a long queue of line for the 3rd game, we want to experience bowling and Dancing with Xbox  Kinect :)

  >_<   yet Mami and Dadi decided to leave the event 'cause we still have to attend the Kiddie Party and they told me that I can still meet sully at our next destination :P Kdot :P

the birthday boy is cute like me :P Dadi's Officemates were already there when we arrived :)  I wasn't able to take pictures of them 'cause I'm shy :) but they took a photo of us
before leaving the party :)

at 6pm we're kinda famished again and went to SciFI cafe at Robinsons Galleria for our Dinner Date :) we used the Ensogo  voucher bought by Dadi  2 weeks ago for only 250 wich has 500 pesos worth of food:)

the total bill was 900+ then less the 500 for the voucher discount. so dadi Enrico paid for 400+ php.

so "excess bill" + 250 voucher price = 750+ php ..  quite expensive na rin :) but their foods are really satisfying po :)

we're excited too much to dine here thus we took time to check their menu thru other blogs so we'll have atleast ideas which food to order before we had book our reservation :) however, upon making our choices when we're there , their staff informed us that all of our choices (which are their best sellers as per their staff) were out of stock :( they should improve  the availabilty of  their menu.

good thing was we didn't regret the hell boy burger  :)  the 2 towers was quite good na rin po.. their drinks: coffee mocha frappe and chocolate drinks are soo yum which gives starbucks a run for its money :)

obviously, all kids who will dine here will really love the ambiance and enjoy the endless photo ops and collection of toys :)  I kinda like to live here with Teddy may Heart and Baby bear :)

dine with interactive astromech Droid robot R2D2 :) an auto command robot :)

here's the video of  pupupie and Enrico playing R2D2  :) < ---- click the link :)

with Ralph of wreck it Ralph :) Teddy May heart was scared of Ralph :P might wreck his small extremeties :P

Light saber sword :) inunahan ako ni dadi >_<

their staff are very accomodating :) they offered us all the costumes we needed for photo ops :)

Gandalf :P Mami your hair should be long white :P

shoul've been a harry potter theme only but there was Sully the photobomb monster at the back :P

I heard Harrpy Potter's costume is now completed. nimbus 2000, his eye glass and wand are now available for photo ops :)

Finally we met the Hairy Boss monter Sully

Meet my Dad Vader  :)

we'll comeback for Darth VAder's full costume :P luckily, Dadi lives near Galleria thus we can simply visit the restaurant any time we want :)

you can read their artbooks like starwars and Iron Man if you spend a minimum of 500 (our bill was 900+ :P )

---to be cont

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