Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pupupie's Food Trip at UP Maginhawa

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we helped dadi to get his TOR at UP Diliman.  :) dadi bought UP couple jacket for them :)
we also had our food trip adventures at maginhawa UP teachers village :)


cafe Shibuya

Visited a church inside UP  The parish of Holy Sacrifice :)

me Praying for good health of my family, Peace in our country esp in Mindanao and thanking God for all the blessings he gave :)

The mandatory picture at Sunken garden :)


Dinner at Gayuma ni Maria

met a new friend :)

sorry to say, i think Gayuma ni Maria is an over-rated restua...  foods didn't satisfied well our taste buds and tummies :(

rated PG?

the rice???

Van Gogh is bipolar restaurant Facade 

 the Burger Project

 quite pricey >_<   they will give a pamplet with list of ingredients , sauces and toppings you want in your burger :)

I named my burger "PUPU_BURGER" :) mozarella and cheddar cheese overload :) 

next stop... the coffee bean 
 a coffee shop  ala Library ^.^
 Mami  and Dadi enjoyed staying here  sipping their drinks and reading books :)

me waiting for a good seat >_<

finally!  dadi reading comics  with me :)

cold stone :)

still editing.....

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