Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Happy 4th at Corregidor Island and Circles Shangrila

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MAmi and Dadi celebrated their 4th yr anniversary at Corregidor Island and  had Buffet Dinner at Circles Shangrila :)

thanks to deal grocer, we got 2 corregidor day tour tickets for a very good discounted price.

Dadi also made a dinner  reservation for  2 Circles shangrila :) thank you dadi ! ^.^ it was our 2nd time to dine in circles. thanks Dadi you brought us back in circles :)

It was really fun and we learned a lot about world War  II Philippine History
pictures overload...... still editing po :)

drop off

 seriously listening to our english speaking tourguide hihi...

I think they are US soldiers :) 
the most photographed structure. the middleside barracks

battery hearn. the biggest gun in the island

 view from the light house

The biggest canyon

 Gen Mc Arthur

sun cruise day tour includes free lunch buffet  ....

Malinta Tunnel...

Dinner time :).... 

mami's ootd shot. Dress and accessories by forever21 coat by stradivarious :) 


Baby bears fave! fruits and vegies


aha! i'm good taking selfie :) right? :P

one more shot :D

teddy may heart looks so adorable on this photo :)

Happy anniversary Mami and Dadi!

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