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Pupupie Adventures! Mountain, Beach & Surf at Baler Aurora

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Dadi and his dabarkids invited us to surf at Baler aurora

Thanks to Dadi’s amazing friend “Charles” our driver! For safe and sound road trip! Our Travel time from Pampanga to baler was 6 hours 

Mami also invited her Gff Kha to join us 

Mami and Dadi Finally learned how to Surf . surfing lesson cost 300php per hour with board rental.

Mami's GFF Kha :)

next stop was the Ermita Hill

me looks so cool with the shades on! :P View deck of Ermital hill. you can see the Diguisit beach here  :)

we don't know what's on top :P we just followed other tourists :P
This is always open and free for public

ahah! a Huge cross on top of Ermita hill, marks the highest point in baler town 

going down...
felt exhausted so my Dadi bought aykwim for me :) Dirty Aykwim tastes Good!

 Aurora Adventure will not be complete without  visiting the rock formation at Diguisit beach

Crystal clear water, Corals and rock formation

the adventure continued! 

Baby bear

before heading to Pag Asa Station, we had a stop over at a cliff with a view of Discasalarin cove and pacific ocean for some photo ops :P 

Ditumabu Falls

we had our lunch at Gerry Shans. Lunch buffet cost less than 200 each and it was sulit naman po. Mami forgot to take some photos of the place. our next stop was Pag Asa Station And Discasalarin cove..
at Pag Asa Baler office

going to ditumabu Falls was not easy! we endured the 30 -45minutes bumpy shakey tricycle ride, river crossing, steep uphill hiking over slippery Big rocks!
Group pics nila :) I took this photo :P
starting from left.. Mishi,Jeff, Jc,Kha, mami, dadi, Bri and charles :)

The water is crystal clear and Freezing Cold

Day 2:

Surfing at Sabang beach :)
Dadi gave mami a Pink Cotton On swim wear  :P  mami's fave color :)

mami's first time to try surfing :) she was so exicted "newbie" "Surferwannabe" the waves are good for the first timers during that day.

she's so eager to learn surfing after her first successful ride with the waves :P

The instructor was also good, he taught dadi and mami some techniques on how to stand on board. Paddle, Stand then balance :)

Museo de Baler.

Jeff's Pose

Girly Pose 

stop over at NE restaurant
 Found this adorable cake , looks like teddy may heart

 The 600 year old Balete tree, the largest of its kind in Asia :) 

stop over at Dadi's house in NE  before going back to pampanga. Thanks Wuwa Nanay for the Sumptuous food :) Mwaah!

It was indeed an awesome adventure!

****some photos are from Jeff<3mishi & Kha  :) ***

<3 Pupupie

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