Thursday, May 29, 2014

PUpupie at Acaci Coffee shop Acacia Hotel Alabang

MAmi Joined Marithe Francois Girbaud OOTD contest, She won the grand price of dinner buffet for 2 at Acaci, Acacia Hotel Alabang :)

we decided to use the GCs on the day before my Dadi's Birthday :)

we arrived in the hotel too early for the buffet dinner time so we check first their Samanea:)

Samanea is an Al Fresco Dining Area. Acacia Hotel Has a Good view of Laguna De bay :)

mandatory OOTD shots.. thanks Dadi for the patience  :P #Forever21dress

Family Picture :)

my fave station :) the seafood :)
best buffet salad station! all of them tastes great compared to other known buffet restau in manila

7 cheese :)

started to like raw foods :)

the  super accomodating chef :) 

My Dadi :) i think it is safe to say that my Dadi is pogi :) payat nga lang :P tataba din po kame :)

carving station! this is the bomb :)

tacos :)

their Halo Halo is the best!

what's meal without yummy dessert? Superb Taste! Mami ate a lot of these!

I ate a lot of these :p

they have Aykwim Station!

these are YUMMY!

Baby Bear's Cheeses! yummm!

Teddy may Heart Eating Fruits! Good boy :)

Excuse My mami's 5 Star CR Selfie :)

Super Clean and smells Good!

Acaci Gave Dadi a freee birthday cake with candle :) 5 staff sang happing birthday for Dadi. 

you can see their warm smiles and feel their hospitality as they sang :) thanks Acaci Staff for Making My Dadi's Bday Memorable  <3 

definitely a great dinner buffet! we will come back  Acaci :) 

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