Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pupupie at Caleruega Batanggas and Leslies Tagaytay -FOOD FOOD FOOD!

------Nakikiblog kay mami-------
-dadi's 2nd visit at Caleruega. The first time was with his workmates for team building daw po and during that po he phoned us to described how beautiful the place po and made a promise that he will visit again Caleruega KASAMA KAMI so SOON. 
We've always wanted to visit the place and finally been there on dadi's birthday last May :) 

We went through the rocky and dusty road before we reached the place. Medyo tago pala ito at di accessible sa mga tourist.  Caleruega is a peaceful house of prayer na perfect place din po for sweet couples out there gaya ni mami at dadi :D

Mami and I were so impressed of this scenic view so she immediately put me on this area to take pictures. I'm surrounded by lush greenery. Na pa WOooooooW kami coz  Every spots here eh perfect for photo souvenir. o ha parang mala bida po ba ako sa postcard?

We missed the chance to enter the church ksi may kina-kasal. The church is always fully booked for pre-nuptial shoots and wedding ceremonies daw po. However,  we solemnly prayed outside nalang kasi nga peaceful place naman po ito.

ME, Dadi and Mami photographed in front of the church before leaving Caleruega :)  post card effect ! (tingin po kayo sa paanan ni mami at dadi liit ko kasi)

After visiting, we headed to Tagaytay ksi tomjomes na ako :) mami and dadi always want to feed me ANY FOOD kasi hyper ako na bata :) we had dinner at leslies tagaytay coz we're craving for filipino cuisine (yellow cab pizzas ksi ang packed lunch namin when we're at caleruga church, kaya para maiba naman ) ...the dining hall was crowded with people so we thought it's better than its neighborhood counterparts.  We were not satisfied with the service and food.( mami had a hard time getting the waiter's attention). The seafood karekare they ordered was not well-cooked.  >_<  Since then, Mami and I have lost our appetite >_<. sana nag Josephines nlng kmi nila mami which looks a lot high end daw sabi ng friend ni mami.

the taste of this soup is somewhat bland po as if it's lacking for something

The food is quite Expensive and looks not appealing at all. (500php ulam lang) However, The ambiance is great because it is an open air restaurant and dadi Enrico even finished his food. Maybe its good n din,PERO honestly po.. I will not visit this place again :P maldito po ako na bata :)  We'll try Josephines po pag balik namen dun nila dadi at mami :) no dadi?

buti nalang the view is amazing at leslies tagaytay.. picture perfect nanaman for us :) 

we settled on this place. there are nipa Hut availables din po for extra ordinary scene.. (ayun sa likod oh )
 Sadly when we went here eh mag 6:30pm n po nun. bawal n daw sa gabi ang kumain sa Nipa hut nila (baka may magpatiwakal? :P ) .. pictures2x lang daw pwede >_<.. so we did nman :)

Baby bear kasama pala :D
 Nipa Hut :)  breath taking view of the Taal Volcano from Leslies

Babalik kami sa Tagaytay ni mami as per DADI :) no dadi? :*   taking a photo with the Taal Volcano is unavoidable po pag nandito kayo syempre :)

<3 pupupie <3


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